Take a look at our Why I Love features to see posts from a huge selection of artists. We have featured over a hundred artists sharing their love for their favourite musical artists.

This is a positive space and a place for artists to talk about their influences and inspirations for their art.


We have been lucky to speak to some huge people in the music industry spanning many different genres. We’ve interviewed Cannibal Corpse, The Prodigy, The Anchoress, Jeff Wayne, Fairport Convention, Clutch, Martyn Joseph, Maz O’Connor, Burning Witches, Carcass, Orange Goblin, Charlotte Wessels, Mike Keneally, Matt Stocks, and many more.

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Everybody has an opinion, and this is our space to share ours. As a team of writers, we all have opinions and love to write about a whole manner of things. We also have the occasional special guest. You will find pieces about Rush, Iron Maiden, Africa Oye Festival, Nashville and a whole host of other bits and pieces.

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Putting our musical memories to the test, our Time Tunnel sees us going back in time to look back at gigs, albums, festivals, events and whatever takes our fancy from the past. It’s a sporadic feature, but it it is always fun to reminisce about the good old days!

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