Bruce Soord – All This Will Be Yours: Album Review

Release Date: 25th October 2019

Label: Kscope

Formats: CD, DL, vinyl, deluxe hardback 3 disc set

No rest for the wicked. The Pineapple Thief frontman has a new solo venture, “an observational record” that captures a mix of joy and consternation.

With The Pineapple Thief’s Dissolution album, tour and imminent live album all signed off, Bruce Soord provides the solo meat in a TPT sandwich. However, All This Will Be Yours is much more than filler. It’s a set of songs and music inspired by a new addition to his family whilst viewing the contrasting deprivation in his hometown.  The elation of new life and the sight of a sleeping infant balanced with the sounds of sirens and the trials of life captured in field recordings is an intriguing prospect.

He’s admitted in recent interviews that he’s not as angry as he was in his younger days. Having a family often acts as a regulator so his thoughts on All This Will Be Yours act as a cautionary tale to us all. It’s a picture of reflection, of catharsis and an overwhelming and brooding melancholy yet ultimately hopeful and ruminating on the qualities of life

The opening lull of The Secrets I Know sounds like a shelter from harm experience that comes with maturity – the words from parent to child  “I wanted to protect you.” Indeed, “protection at all costs” flits in amongst the snippets lyrics we hear, the song housed in a contemplative acoustic air, holding us tight as the night draws in. The tick tocking lullaby that evolves into Our Gravest Threat Apart offers a balance between the snaking grooves and slide guitar on the title track and the sparse arrangements and stark rhythms that pepper the album.

You Hear The Voices takes us into a brief controlled frenzy with the electronics and rhythms intensify for a moment and a final stretch where the coda of One Day I Will Leave You is positively heartbreaking. Poignancy of the utmost No-man/Tim Bowness kind. There’s obviously been a lot of thinking going on. And, possibly what Genesis (maybe Tony Banks?) wrote of in Home By The Sea back in 1983…“images of sorrow, pictures of delight, things that go to make up a life.”

Be it known that in truth, the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. Those in the know will enjoy this diversion from the day job without it being too challenging or obscure but certainly Bruce has delivered with a thought-provoking tour de force.

Listen to the title track from the album here:

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