Djabe and Steve Hackett: Back to Sardinia – Album Review

Released: 6th December 2019

Label: Cherry Red Records

Formats: CD/DVD

Make a drink of what you like best, turn the lights down low, kick everyone out of the room. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Djabe means freedom, which is what this music makes you feel; you can immerse yourself in the free-flowing jazz and soar away from your troubled day. Guitarist Attila Egerhazi has referred to ‘tranquility’ and ‘placidity’ flowing from his previous compositions and collaborations with ex-Genesis man, Steve Hackett,  and again this is what is expressed from the opening notes in the opening title track and throughout.

Returning to their Sardinian-based studio in a priest’s house, each track merges subtly into each other. Throughout the whole album, each instrument wavers and meanders but never loses control as each note softens your mind, whether the pace is slow or pacy.

It may be tricky to discern which guitarist is to the fore on any given track but you won’t care. There are a plethora of jazz-rock fusions dating back many years and not always that successful, but here it works magically, entrancingly and perfectly. It’s difficult to select a stand out track as in each one you will find a favourite moment whether it be from the scintillating bass, dazzling trumpet or exhilarating guitar. This is one of those pieces of music that no matter how much time you’ve got spare,  pick any track and that time will be made full use of.

If you’ve unlimited time you’ll play it again. Steve Hackett’s music may be steeped in the lush croquet lawns of England and from his own Spectral Mornings but his journey to the soothing warmth of Sardinia with his Hungarian counterparts has given us sounds to savour. It may never be mainstream but ears may be pricked by the swarms of Hackett’s followers who will be treated to something unexpected but nonetheless appreciated. Enjoy the spontaneity, enjoy the warmth. You’ll love the trip Back To Sardinia. Nice.

Listen to a taster here:

Djabe: Official Website / Facebook  / Twitter / YouTube

Steve Hackett: Official Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

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  1. Beautifully written review. This is enchanting music. I came across it while reading Steve Hackett’s blog. I’m enjoying everything about it.

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