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Earth Moves are a very modern proposition. An underground supergroup, with members from We Never Learned To Live, Grappler, and Cloud Boat, the band straddle musical worlds. They returned with their second LP Human Intricacy, on November 15th.

Here, the bands singer, Jordan Hills, professes his love of the legendary Deftones.

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I have been a fan of the Deftones for over half my life.  I was drawn to them at the age of 14 after exploring the internet for different bands and artists to listen to. At this age I was into a lot of rap and nu metal acts (still am!) and I remember seeing them ‘related’ to Limp Bizkit on Wikipedia (don’t ask!) This led me to a YouTube search and I clicked on Be Quiet and Drive as I liked the name. The rest was history for me.

Hearing those chorus chords and Chinos vocal blew me away. I fell in love instantly and proceeded to race through their catalogue, absorbing as much of them as I could. Chinos lyricism is still a massive inspiration and influence on me. I remember reading about his writing on White Pony and how he tended to write about fantasy situations, almost in a dream like way. Songs like Feiticeira and Digital Bath have obscure themes and this stuck with me as I grew older and started writing lyrics of my own.

A lot of his lyrics are ambiguous and I feel that I like to leave my writing open to interpretation too, as it had a great effect on me listening to the Deftones growing up.

The self titled Deftones record is definitely my favourite. I remember being blown away by how heavy some of it is. Needles and Pins, Hexagram and Battle-axe are highlights for me and I constantly revisit the album. Chinos shrieks are so unique, I’m still not sure I’ve heard anything else quite like it! His screamed vocal running through Hexagram is incredible and really helps drive the emotion behind the song.

If you’re looking into getting in to the Deftones (where have you been?), maybe start with White Pony. It’s a fantastic journey and showcases what the band are all about, the perfect blend of big riffs and laid back trip hop (check out Teenager for sure!) 

Many thanks to Jordan for taking the time to write for us.

Earth Moves will be touring ‘Human Intricacy’. In their history Earth Moves have also played with Svalbard, Employed To Serve, Venom Prison, We Never Learned To Live, and The Tidal Sleep.

Earth Moves: Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter

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