Little Sparrow – Corner Of The Room

In a city where music and being a musician is part of the scenery, Little Sparrow has found many plaudits who’ve hailed her as one of Manchester’s contenders. A brief pause point in her career was taken off hold when she released Corner Of The Room, a new song that appeared back in June

We think it’s time to hit the refresh button and shout out about the song ahead of the much anticipated new album, Feather Moon.

Reflecting the dramatic direction of the new record, it’s her first release since the Just 3 EP, where the cover of Madness’ Baggy Trousers was juxtaposed against two of her own emotionally charged songs.

From the off though, you sense something is different. There’s something about the artwork that recalls Gary Numan’s Savage (and more than just the dark eyeliner) which in all fairness isn’t a bad thing given the latter’s recent resurgence. It’s also a very clever graphic that alerts us to a more Gothic and sinister direction.

Take a look at the video and do your best to anticipate what’s in store come a set of songs that hints at the sort of bold and dramatic move that says “If you didn’t know me before, you will now!”

Memorable images burned into the brain and appetite whetted, we can only sit and hope that the wait for Feather Moon from the sinister theatricality of the taster won’t keep us in suspense for too much longer.

Face your fears, but beware of the corner of the room.

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