KOYO release new video for Ostracised

KOYO – a band feted by PROG magazine, which is nice, but also had their small club tour namechecked by the more punky/indie Louder Than War. All things to all people.

Bucking the trend, a hint of their new music came in the form of Circles which came out three months ago. A slice of beat-heavy, spacey rock/pop, it was a hint that the second album might be taking a new direction.

They’ve just released the video for the second single from the upcoming album that confirms we can expect something different in the 2019/202 KOYO.

Less of the cool vibe of Jettisoned and more of the urgency found in parts of The Beauty Of Loneliness; the experimentation of the extended format of Tetrachromat replaced with a directness that on first impression is shocking.

Here’s the brand new video for Ostracised:

Keen to show that they’re one of those bands who defy labels, Ostracised does exactly that. Bass driven (in fact a bassline that in certain light sounds like it might have been inspired by Madness’ Our House) with a jagged guitar that recalls some Talking Heads funk and King Crimson contrariness. And then the lyric that asks “tell me what’s going on.”

Watch out for more KOYO news in 2020 but for the meantime enjoy Ostracised and in the next few days we’ll be sharing a piece written by KOYO frontman Huw Edwards on one of his major influences.

KOYO online: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube / Bandcamp / Soundcloud

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