Helldown – In Death’s Hands: EP Review

Release Date:   17th January 2020

Label:  Independent

Formats: CD, DL

New EP from the Welsh thrashers in the classic Slayer/Pantera/leather and studs vein.

The Ben and Matthew Evans led combo have set to record four tracks that have been part of their live set in the latest release that showcases their wares in drip feeds. “We were always told that these were the pinnacle moments in the set,” they say which needs no justification to be fair, but heightens the expectation.

The promise of ‘something for everyone’ sees fifteen minutes cover the gamut during which you’ll see the lads wearing their hearts and influences on their sleeves. Fair play to them as they spend enough energy spent to power a small Welsh mining community.

The song titles help set the scene which proves a welcome respite from the glut of bands who seem intent in chronicling our troubled times via politics, social media and the like. Thank goodness for the diversion of  martyrs, blood, death, decay and flames of heresy and a chance to have a jolly old bang your head and let off some steam as opposed to woeful existentialism.

Heretic picks up where the giant Flames Of Heresy leaves off with the rugged thrust paving the way for a vocal that’s undaunted in delivering a message of healthy dark metal values with no concession to mood and atmosphere. In Death’s Hands is all about speed and power. The mighty stomp of the riff in Flames Of heresy before the solo section and twin guitar bout is pure classic metal.

The call and response moments in Mortal Shell are clearly communal opportunities in the live show while the vaguely disguised Metallica-isms on The Unnamed might be hard to shake off. However, despite a few moments where the influences hang heavy, Helldown are doing a splendid job at grassroots level in vigorously flying the flag for British – and Welsh – metal. Into the jaws of hell indeed.

Watch the video for Mortal Shell from the album here:

Helldown online:  Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter / instagram

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