News: Henry Jamison releases single, I Forget Myself (feat. Darlingside)

Henry Jamison has released the latest single from his forthcoming EP, Tourism, featuring the celestial quartet that is Darlingside as his backing band and as his harmonious henchmen on backing vocals (although a sound like theirs is always more foreground and never really background).

The track centres on a broken relationship, the break-up bringing to the fore the need to explain and diagnose, therefore the need to remember detail. With this comes the wonderfully truthful and ambiguous title phrase, “I forget myself,” full of the inherent, natural human act of simply not retaining information well, but also the deliberate junking of information that we simply do not wish to carry forwards, possibly even amounting to denial.

“What if I remembered all the time?” is the thoughtful, beautiful and slightly nervous refrain that Darlingside carry through the track. Musically, it feels like Elvis Perkins and Conor Oberst undoubtedly sitting around a fire, staring contemplatively at the flames and trying to restore some order to their troubled minds.

Jamison said of the track, “I Forget Myself is a song of regret, written in the aftermath of a break-up. When I wrote this song a year ago, I obviously had no idea that it would come out in the middle of a global pandemic nor that we would be back together.” 

It’s his latest single from Tourism, the EP that also features Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droeste, Fenne Lily, Joseph, Darlingside (his backing band for the whole EP) and Lady Lamb. Tourism is released through Color Study on May 15th.

You can stream/share ‘I Forget Myself’ ft Darlingside HERE

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