Bootyard Bandits – The Very Best Of: EP Review

It’s a lot harder to describe the Bootyard Bandits than it is to fall in love with their heavy-country-sleaze-rock from Worcester.  Skip the review and just listen to the single. If it doesn’t make you smile, neither will the review!

Release Date: 17th April 2020

Label: Rock People Records

Formats: CD / Digital

Fresh off the back of their singles Hoedown Showdown and Shirt Potatoes, the Bootyard Bandits return with a five-track EP The Very Best of Bootyard Bandits. If you’re familiar with the band and their singles, the EP won’t shock you very much. It sounds huge.  It’s full of their trademark humour and heavy riff-laden country music.

They’ve recently been out on tour supporting Massive Wagons, which according to accounts was a great pairing. Both bands have a similar sound and humour. Admittedly The Bootyard Bandits straying a little further into country than Massive Wagons do.

The Very Best Of the Bootyard Bandits EP kicks off with Shirt Potatoes, which is an absolute stomper. Lyrically funny, full of heavy riffs and pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The accompanying video is also a must-see, the boys absolutely owning Worcester’s wild west scene.

The rest of the EP is just as massive as the opener. Catchy riffs, hooks everywhere and lyrics that you’ll be singing to yourself after one listen. The production is what you’d expect for a well funded contemporary rock record. It’s a wall of thick heavy rock, there’s no delicacy here but if you’ve got cobwebs in your ears this will sort you out in no time.

Favourite track is probably Country Music; I love the way they slide between heavy rock riffs and country but the whole EP is a blast from start to finish!

Listen to Shirt Potatoes here:

Bootyard Bandits online: Wild West / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube

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