Trivium – What The Dead Men Say: Album Review

The 9th LP from Trivium could easily be their best work to date. A coming of age; the delivery of a clinical and contemporary metal masterpiece?

Release Date: 24th April 2020

Label: Roadrunner

Formats: CD / DL / LP

Trivium have always had their own style but with clear influences peeking through every now and then. What the Dead Men Say has a definite early Megadeth flavour to the guitar work and song structure. Matt Heafy’s voice is sounding more unique, avoiding the tendency to stray into Corey Taylor territory quite so much, which as much as everyone loves Corey Taylor, Matt’s vocals on this record are his best work yet.

The songs released before the album were all absolutely massive. The Catastrophist clearly at the top of the tree though and justifiably so. It’s one of the more accessible songs on What The Dead Men Say,  the driving melody, filled with rage and clinical precision. Exquisite production quality and intricate layering, loudness turned up way past eleven, not a micro-decibel left on the mastering room floor. This is a record that hits hard.

Silence in the Snow, released in 2015 is the benchmark Trivium album for me. Is What The Dead Men Say going to take it’s throne? For me, not quite. As good as What The Dead Men Say is, it’s missing that magical something. The songs are better on What The Dead Men Say and the guitar work is exceptional, as is the execution and production. Maybe that’s the problem, maybe it’s too clinical? Should metal be this perfectly produced?

All things considered though, this is a stunning metal record. From the introduction of IX, through What The Dead Men Say, the catchy Catastrophist and the absolutely awesome Amongst the Shadows & The Stones, which is one of the album standouts for me. There’s very little in the way of filler here, it’s a sumptuous meal of immaculately prepared metal.

As I write the last few words of this review, I find myself listening to Amongst The Shadows & The Stones and find myself wondering if this just might be the best record they’ve ever made?

Listen to Amongst The Shadows & The Stones and decide for yourself.

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