Fragile X – Panzer Kunst: EP Review

Fragile X deliver an EP of post-apocalyptic rhythmic soundscapes. Sparse percussion rattles around brooding synths across the three stormy tracks (and a Steve Hadfield remix).

Released: 3rd April 2020

Label: Disintegration State

Format: Digital

Fragile X’s Panzer Kunst EP is quite simply the official soundtrack to the dystopian sci-film that I am yet to make. Released on Disintegration State by the head of Glasgow’s Bricolage label, it feels as though Skynet is taking over and I am trapped in an angry machine factory of the future on the cusp of sentience. Even the name of the EP corroborates this idea as it refers to a fictional martial art used in the manga Alita: Battle Angel as a means of bringing down armoured foe (thanks Reddit).

The sheer malevolence of opener Shadow Tracking drops me in-between the traffic of an overcrowded New York City one hundred years into the future. Whilst the dark ambience of a Cyborg’s Lucid Dream holds beauty in its stark. post-apocalyptic brutality. Sandwiched between the two are the pounding industrial soundscapes of the title track. Almost suffocating in its furious brilliance.

I did not expect a three track, 24 minute EP (along with a remix by Disintegration State boss Steve Hadfield) to have such an impact on me but it truly has left a brooding yet pleasurable ringing in my ears.

Fragile X: Bandcamp / Facebook / YouTube

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