Why I Love: La Dharma on The Cure

Formed in the West Midland in 2017 the La Dharma have built up a huge underground following locally that’s making local promoters take notice.

The bands signature sound was born and musical experiments between Chris and guitarist friend Daniel ‘Jonah’ Jones. The driving force of drums and bass was added by James Morris and Christian Booth respectively and La Dharma were born.

Daniel Jones from La Dharma writes about why he loves The Cure for us.

I think lyrically they’re so strong. I love how melancholy lyrics mixed with upbeat music can be so ironic and almost comical. Also, musically they’re a big influence for me as I love 80’s chorus driven guitars and synth sounds.

The first time heard them was when my dad played the song Boys Don’t Cry through his old stereo. I liked it immediately, and in hindsight it was a song that was very much before its time coming out in the 80’s. Talking about emotions and how a lot of men keep in bottled inside, which is a big topic in today’s world.

Adventureland (film) - Wikipedia

With The Cure, it clicked from the start with them, but a memorable moment was when I heard Just Like Heaven on the film Adventureland. It’s used in a scene when the two main characters are at an amusement park riding on the bumper cars in the midst of falling in love. At the same time I was getting to know my girlfriend and I clicked with it straight away.

I feel they’ve inspired our music massively. From a guitar point of view I’ve spent a lot of time on YouTube trying to find what gear they use to get their sounds and overall guitar tone. 

My favourite song is Disintegration off the album of the same name. The bass sound throughout the song really blew me away, it just sounds huge. I’ve never seen them live unfortunately, but it’s definitely on the bucket list!

Many thanks to Dan from La Dharma for sharing his thoughts on a truly iconic band.

La Dharma released a new single back in March; during lock down, they shared a video of a stripped back version of the single. Check it out below.

La Dharma: Facebook / Twitter

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