Sang Froid – Lachrymose: New Single

Leeds Art-Rock outfit Sang Froid are a band new to us. They’ve recently recorded a trio of singles. Lachrymose is the second.

sang froid

Their FFO includes Radiohead and The Mars Volta which was bait enough to tempt us in. Since expanding the line up from the original duo of Ais (Vocals + Keys) and Toby (Drums + Vocals) who formed the band as Pave in April 2019, Freddie (Bass) & Charlie (Guitar) have been added to the family.

Lachrymose is the second of three singles recorded at HOHM studios in Bradford with Tom Goodall (Cattle). Sonically, they’re in a similar ballpark to Exploring Birdsong whose recorded and live music we’ve enjoyed listening to over the past six months.

The ominous and dark opening sees various squeaks and squalls pepper the insistent groove. A stark midsection eventually gives way to a slow build of tension into a more manic release. In a word, disconcerting.

You can see the Radiohead influence. Listening is one thing, but for the full disturbing experience, you can watch the Lachrymose film here:

This song is a simple mirroring of what I hear in my head all day, absolute and complete chaos with a sprinkling of sass and melodic juiciness. Easily my favourite song to play and perform” – Ais (Vocals/Keys)

A piece of music that does what it says on the tin. Keep your wits about you. Don’t turn round, especially in the bathroom and you might just avoid waking in a cold sweat.

Listen in to the rest of the Worms EP and the Roadworks single on Bandcamp

Sang Froid online: Facebook / Instagram

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