Massive Wagons – House Of Noise: Album Review

Massive Wagons follow up Full Nelson with House Of Noise. Another no-nonsense rip-snorting riff-fest on Earache Records that redefines what we mean by British values.

Release Date: 17th July 2020

Label: Earache Records

Formats: CD / DL / vinyl

Last time I saw an album this fluorescent yellow and with a telly on the cover was Kraftwerk’s Computer World. And that’s where the similarity ends. Far from being a studio band immersed in electronics, the Wagons are arguably the hardest working live band in showbiz.

With producer Colin Richardson of Slipknot fame on board, House Of Noise captures their big, bold charge perfectly. Probably with a huge grin on their faces and tongues placed firmly in cheek – if you loved Billy Balloon Head from the last outing, you’ll be heartened by the inclusion of The Curry Song this time out. You can even get their Rogan Mosh spice blend (created with the help of Mandala Express, based in Newcastle). Aside from the fun lyric, there’s one mean mother of a riff that provides the binding.

Meanwhile, nothing been’s reinvented. You’re not going to find the quintet have been spending their time anguishing over the search for new sounds. Massive Wagons clearly subscribe to the school of thought that espouses the values of if it ain’t broken why fix it. Simply, good old fashioned British Hard Rock N Roll packed with throbbing musical muscle.

The sequencing is spot on. The combo of It Together, Bangin’ On Your Stereo and the title track are a formidable trio to provide something that’s not so much a going to raise the curtain so much as rip it down and cast it aside. If there were a door, it would have been kicked down. There’s probably the raising of a middle finger in the process. And when you’re immortalised in Lego – check the Bangin’… video – you could argue that you’ve made it.

Hero is a bit more, erm, heroic; suitably slowed down and led by a triumphant throbbing bass march, and no surprise that there’s a big, bold chorus. Professional Creep has a hint of The Offspring and there’s a punky cut and thrust to Pressure.

It’s not until the last track, Matter Of Time, that we get some downtime. An eight-minute and strangely reflective outing that’s miles away from The Curry Song. One for a mid-set breather and a chance to test the fire restrictions and wave your lighters. That, or a going home song playing over the PA after the gig is done and you’re kicking your way through the litter of plastic beer glasses.

As British as fish, chips and mushy peas. Champion. Glorious. The perfect prescription. Medicate three times a day with a dose of Massive Wagons. Everyone needs a strain of them in their DNA.

Watch the brilliant video for the brilliant Bangin’ On Your Stereo here:

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