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Bleek Noir – Bite Thy Pigsty: EP Review

Chris J Fox, Christopher Fox, The Kindest Of Thieves – they’ve all been instrumental in molding and fuelling the wonderfully bizarre Bleek Noir. He’s got some new songs and instrumental versions on Bite Thy Pigsty.

Release Date: 1st August 2020

Label: independent

Format: DL Bandcamp

Five tracks on a new EP from the bizarre world of Bleek Noir. And all sans comment on the Opeth / Taylor Swift / monochrome in the trees shot that seems to be the image of the moment… Suffice to say that it’s the perfect Bleek Noir image – just missing a couple of headless dolls hanging from the branches. And you can play ‘spot the goth’ amidst the trees

However, we can all imagine flights of crows across silhouetted gothic images as A Human Kind Of Cruel, Becoming Beast and Fingers burn themselves into the consciousness. Anyone familiar with Bleek Noir will find his latest concoction, the vein of rockabilly swagger, warmly familiar. That jerky and angularity and the constant nightmare carousel/carnival shudder that emerges in the twisting screwball on A Human Kind Of Cruel and it’s squealing guitar solo passage.

Half a minute into Becoming Beast there’s a sudden burst of what sounds like the part in Whole Lotta Love when Bonham crashes down on the rhythm and Page solos – it’s just after the theramin freak out section. Similarity ended (it crops up later btw) the rush of staccato and Latino firepower takes over.

Fingers references abattoirs, winged things, earthlings and the obsession with ugly hands. There may even be something (could be my hearing) about being “force fed with bouillabaisse” and if not there should be. The little sneak of the lyric book on the Bleek Noir Facebook pages actually shows “dyed in the blood of it” but I like our version…

The chorus verges on catchy and the repeating riff is hard to shake off and it might be me but the image of fingers appearing from beneath the soil, clawing out from a subterranean grave, comes to mind

And in further proof that he’s never boring in whatever guise he take the step of going all bonus track-y with two instrumentals. Karaoke like you’ve never karaoke’d before. Nothing too disturbing – A Human Kind Of Cruel and Becoming Beast have their vocals erased and act as an interesting diversion for those musos who want to focus on some of the subtleties in the music.

Another suave little release from Bleek Noir HQ. Don’t just listen, have an experience…

Watch the music video for Do Me A Favour released in February 2020 here:

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