Why I Love: Amongst Liars on Audioslave

Amongst Liars have released their new single, Burn The Vision. If you’re a fan of your rock music loud and catchy, then this Brighton based band might be for you. As the band put their single out, we asked them to contribute to our Why I Love column.

Here, Amongst Liars guitarist Leo Burdett writes about his love of the brilliant Audioslave and the dearly missed, Chris Cornell. It works as a companion to piece to Godsticks contribution on Rage Against The Machine.

Chris Cornell's Other Band: An Audioslave Appreciation | Billboard

Although a supergroup in a sense, I felt like Audioslave really had their own identity – unlike a lot of others – and they have massively influenced the sound of Amongst Liars, as well as my previous band Saint Apache.

Tom Morello’s guitar style is definitely something I look up to, and it’s helped to form how I play today. As a guitarist I have a wide range of influences, but Tom is one of my top picks!

For me, Chris Cornell remains the best rock singer of all time. As amazing as Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog are, I feel he was even more suited to playing with the Rage musicians. I think they enabled him to be more bluesy and soulful, and his voice became even more amazing to take in.

I can’t not mention Brad Wilk and Tom Commerford. The foundation and beating groove they provide is so unique. it’s how I would want my bass player and drummer to connect. That is the level! Having a sturdy and tight rhythm section makes it all the more easier for us guitarists!

When Cochise dropped, it was a real “what the F**K” moment! Unreal. That album is one of the best debuts of all time, and I played it to death, with ‘Gasoline’ maybe being my favourite tune on there… 

Overall, what I find great about Audioslave is that they have that groove-rock sound down so perfectly, and they managed to thrust onto the scene and stand out above the crowd during all the noise and popularity of the Nu-Metal and pop-punk era. When I was at school, everyone was into that stuff anyway (including me), but Audioslave went against the current and still slotted into the vibe of the times. 

Chris’s death still makes me sad, as I’m sure it does many people. He is such a big inspiration to me and to my musical path I’ve taken. I’m grateful for all the amazing music he made before he left this world, and I’m still discovering more songs today that I’ve missed! 

Many thanks to Leo and Amongst Liars.

Check out the brilliant new single from Amongst Liars below. It’s a brilliant slice of rock and roll. You can hear the influence of Audioslave as well licks of Black Stone Cherry. It meshes the classic and contemporary in a wonderful melting pot.

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