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Zoe Graham – Gradual Move: EP Review

Glasgow-based songwriter Zoe Graham announces her arrival as one of the UK’s most exciting new artists with her forthcoming EP Gradual Move.

Release Date: 25th September  2020

Label: Noise Artist

Format: DL / stream / limited vinyl

Zoe Graham – a young artist with expansive talent and promise. Despite her youth, she has memories and hopes aplenty to write songs of high quality. The opening song and EP title track, Gradual Move, shows that very maturity in her writing and singing prowess that many an established performer would be proud of.

Throughout all four tracks, she has a unique voice and singing style which will be instantly recognisable as well as creating a sound you can just wallow in while picking out different guitar and electronic effects mixed with haunting keyboards. 

“Life changes, blame / guilt, honesty / truth and eventually acceptance and reassurance,” Zoe Graham explains. “Each track marks one of these emotions and tells a story of how changes in my life have affected me, and how I have now accepted them as part of the overall story.”

She clearly cherishes objects and moments from her past and how they have influenced her thoughts and emotions, transferring her feelings tastefully and passionately. In Sleep Talking she speaks of the loss of a valued relationship and vexes over how talking in her sleep will unconsciously reveal more than she wishes to.

She can write stylish, graceful synth melodies, seen specifically in her latest single  Know By Now, yet the end comes far too soon. Fault Lines, however, hints at resolution.  “Didn’t I tell you it would be just fine?” she sings, 

Sumptuous rhythms, varying tempo add multi-layers and colours to this final track which concludes with her declaring “I almost lost it .“ Claiming she was almost saved by the bell, she chimes a replying chant to the similar call of “Everything changes” in the opening track.  All I can say the bell is ringing for a highly successful future and musically  Zoe is far from losing but has everything to gain.

If  Zoe Graham’s early memoirs can provide a summary of her young life so far on this delectable EP,  this burgeoning talent is going to sprinkle many wonderful treasures in the future. 

Listen to Know By Now here:

Zoe Graham online: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / other

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