Eloy Fritsch – Moment In Paradise: Album Review

Eloy Fritsch releases his 14th solo album. Moment In Paradise sees the Brazilian virtuoso fusing rock with plenty of solos and improvisations.

Release Date: 23rd September 2020

Label: Self-Released

Format: Digital

Moment In Paradise is Eloy Fritsch’s 14th solo album. It begins with a 4 part suite of music called High Places. Each piece is highly distinctive and highly intriguing. The opening part is a jazzy opus with intricate keyboard. Kick off your shoes, sit back, make yourself a strong coffee and indulge yourself in this impeccable creation. Let the immaculate and elaborate tones waft over you, it’s upbeat but relaxing.

Part 2 of the opening four part suite is more electronic; never over fussy or over complicated on the ear and thoroughly delightful. It has the kind of effect I look forward to when chilling out in Chester’s Alexander’s Jazz bar on a Sunday afternoon. The next fuses the piano and electronic with some bass runs to savour which complement the various keyboard sounds and electronic effects. The final part of the suite is more classical in nature. The complex percussion which run through all four parts will have your fingers, toes and feet in motion and have you drooling.

The mood changes instantly at the end at the completion of the suite during the cinematic title piece Moment in Paradise. This piece is a musical portrayal the album artwork depicting Eloy’s childhood search for his fantasies and dreams. Silver Dream is pure retro prog. You’ll think an iconic prog keyboard player has has dropped in and it is actually a tribute to Keith Emerson.

Blue Reflected Over The Ocean is sumptuous and flows along with grandeur and returns to classical mode. Funny Moments is a welcome break with a trad feel at first before variations on the original theme develop but keeps the foot tapping along.

Running To The Sea has anthemic trumpeting keyboards with a few sonic swooshes filled in, in which you think some vocals could easily be slotted in but they never come.

The final three tracks Drone Attack, Vanishing Point and Gently Touch the Sky continue Eloy’s musical exploration and description of this album as he says “….the new album is rock and fusion, with a greater variety of solos and improvisations.“

After a few refills of Italian ground coffee (sorry Eloy, not Brazilian), I totally enjoyed my introduction to Eloy Frisch’s talents and I will be dipping in again…and not just on a Sunday!

Eloy Fritsch: Website / Facebook / YouTube

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