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The Also-Ran – Collapse All: Single Review

Debut single from The Also-Ran. All the details and a chance to listen in to what’s likely from their hopefully imminent album.

Release date: 9th October 2020

Label: available on Bandcamp and the usual digital platforms

Format: DL / very limited vinyl

The Brighton crew – DC Cane (Palm Springs) and Paul Pascoe (Beat Hotel) with Kate Gerrard (The Delta Bell) and Stephanie Goodman (SHRAG) – round up their mysterious (to me) noisenik guitars and go mongrel-pop on their debut release.

Collapse All with Halos And Skulls on the B-side (or sister song – I like that) is the debut single and set for release on very limited edition 7″ lathe cut vinyl. A glimpse of what’s to come on debut album At Last And Alone that’s due for release in early 2021.

Don’t be fooled by the gentle acoustic intro on the main course. You’ll soon be confronted with some swampy sustained guitar and a leisurely pulse. More than a hint of hook and melody too especially on the “It’s not that I can’t live without you” section, although some musical punctuation I can only explain as “da-da-da-da” that adds a touch of darkness and foreboding. What you might feel deserves the accolade of being termed a cool song.

Flip the lathe cut vinyl you’ve managed to procure and the mood continues in a laidback vein. A dense and syrupy, almost psychedelic vibe and repetitive guitar figure provide a hypnotic experience. Yes, it does a grand job of whetting the appetite for a full-blown album.

You can of course download through their own Random Acts Of Vinyl record label on Bandcamp.

Listen to Collapse All here:

The Also-Ran online: Facebook

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