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Tim Grimm – Gone: Single Review

We have a listen to the Gone single from folk/Americana musician Tim Grimm.

Release date: 2nd October 2020

Label: Cavalier Recordings

Format:  Single DL / stream

Are you of the mind that it’s becoming a battle to maintain the essential fabric of life; that common decency and respect is gradually diminishing and not necessarily due to a certain virus that’s creeping around? 

Even without that, the global political atmosphere seems intent on stripping down normality to meet their own ends whilst trying to convince us it’s what we need for the common good.

Well, Tim Grimm’s new melancholic single Gone captures that. His gloomy outlook and fears are not enhanced by the populace’s apathy and insular thinking.  This acoustic gem hauntingly and beautifully strummed and picked has some Celtic banjo to add flavour but complements his anger rather than hides it.

It’s an anthem for all our frustrations and powerless feelings but is inspirational enough to make your determination strong enough to not give in. Sadly Tim’s family supported muse will not get the airplay nationally it deserves. So captivating is this song I listened to it repeatedly for at least half an hour.

His perceptive observations are very much akin to John Prine, appropriately paid homage to in this song, who as far back as the ’70s wrote of the moves of big money people ‘stripping away ‘ what we treasure. Gone serves as a promising taster for a forthcoming album release in 2021.

Listen to Gone here:

Tim Grimm online: Website / Facebook

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