Stage Door Guy – Amazing Grace: Video Premiere

Stage Door Guy premieres pointed new video for Amazing Grace from their new album, Wroclaw.

Legend has it that Mancunian actor, writer and performer, Adam Brody met guitarist CJ Williams in New Orleans and they were playing a gig together in the Crescent City by the same evening. Their second album is certainly peppered and laced with American riffs and references – Jr Kimbrough’s North Mississippi trance blues underpins Song For Alex. Amazing Grace – normally a hymn of redemption – disintegrates into US police sirens and chants of ”Trump, Trump, Trump” as the nation burns. While the jittering, joyful rockabilly guitar of Cartoon Man plays against the self-lacerating lyrics.

But the album is also a distinctly English affair, and more specifically a north-western English affair – John Cooper Clarke is a presiding spirit, Lemn Sissay a guiding light and Mark E Smith a skulking presence. The Smiths, Joy Division and Dead Or Alive’s ‘Spin Me Round’ all get name-checks and soundchecks. While both producers, Jono Podmore, who handles ten tracks, and Colin Thorpe, two, are doyens of the Mersey-Manchester axis.

Today, on the albums release day, we premiere the new video for Amazing Grace from Stage Door Guy.

Here’s what Adam Brody from Stage Door Guy has to say about Amazing Grace…

For many people President Trump is symbolic of all we fear, all we despise. He famously said he intended to “drain the swamp” this song is about the fact that we are all in the swamp. Throwing stones at Trump is one thing but whether he stays or goes the carnage remains. It was there before him and will still be there when he is gone. The song is a celebration of consumerism gone mad and of an economic system broken. A system that rewards populism and untruths but when faced with a pandemic has no unified response. Trump is a symbol of how broken it is but each one of us needs to look at our values and the difficult changes we all need to make.

Adam Brody from Stage Door Guy

The video is Directed and edited by Michał Grzebieniak

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