Uncut – Blue: Album Review

French trio Uncut release a blues-rock album which pays homage to  70’s  rock  and  later heavier metal blues.

Release date:  6th November 2020

Label: Klonosphere 

Format: CD / DL

Like the crossed pistols on the cover, this rock blues album has plenty of bang and bite. The blues riffs and belted out guitar solos may be familiar but this French trio adds their own Gallic punch and flourish to the blues without being over flashy. It’s rowdy  but  controlled, especially on the opening threesome  Family Blues, Highway To Cagne and Deandra.

They may have been created amidst the historic charm of the city of Poitiers but their heart is pure, robust  American blues-rock. Both  Small Steps and Snake Boogie show their ability to play with ravaging power and authoritative riffs, the drumming wild and commanding.

However, there is subtlety too. They can lift and drop the pace and volume with style such as on Blues Eyes Lover that blends driving rock with a dark Doors-like mood. This is an album of contrasts exemplified by a soulful, brassy beginning to Bee Blues leading into a brawny, fuzzy timbre. 

The melting and distorted screaming guitar, echoing and raging vocals of   Display emerge from a calm brooding opening with startling variance. Diplodocus is typical stomping rock. Deep Purple fans will   appreciate this one yet  you are surprisingly teased in the middle by a chaotic sax solo. 

After the beginning with a subtle and intricate guitar with whispered vocals, a jazzy blues guitar solo brings us to a  crescendo of wailing vocals and pounding riffs on the finale The Trap, Then we are craftily lulled by sensual tones before uplifted by soaring guitar to conclude a  craftily constructed album.

 Alexy Sertillange (vocals/baritone guitar), Enzo Alfano (guitar) and Pablo Fathi’s (drums)  vibrant escapade visits the spirit of classic rock eras  with Alexy Sertillange’s “lyrical  stories of independence, self-abandonment and resilience.’” You will warm to  Uncut and thrill to their thrilling tempered contrasts. 

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