DarWin – DarWin 2, A Frozen War: Album Review

DarWin follows up the debut album with the next in a planned series that addresses the challenges faced by mankind in an uncertain future.

Release date: 6th November 2020

Label: Origin Of Species

Format: CD / DL / vinyl

The near future is already here. A rapid turnaround for DarWin and associates whose Origin Of Species appeared in early 2019 and once again sees songwriter DarWin and Simon Phillips at the core.

The Origin Of The Species album was the first part of an ongoing saga that looks at the challenges of mankind. The changing planet and the potential and the limitations of technology provide the focus while musically we’re treated to smooth harmonies, acoustic guitars and lush strings together with some hard rock staples and bouts of unrestrained shredding.

Musical guests signing into the register include Matt Bissonette joining Simon Phillips and DarWin together with Billy Sheehan, Guthrie Govan and Derek Sherinian. With the presence of Howe and Govan, naturally, there are plenty of guitar hero moments to savour.

The single Nightmare Of My Dreams immediately gives a hint at the progressive side of DarWin. Halfway through, the song based structure gives way to a stunning and relaxed semi-classical interlude that’s shaken from its reverie by a squall of lead guitar pyrotechnics.

Future History a chugging number and emerges as the stereotypical ‘driving rock’ track while Eternal Life is a much more relaxed affair. Another of the acoustic openings again providing a lull, a brief episode of calm before a storm. That comes with the title track that admits that “it’s more than black and white” and that “destiny is closer.” Spearheaded by a countdown and some rocket launching fx, a flurry of keys brings the track to a dramatic conclusion.

In conclusion, we’re left with Another Year where the female vocal adds a softer touch; a lightness and hope that’s to be continued into the next chapter. A positive affirmation about taking control of your life and we seem to be some way from our main character striding across the icy wasteland on the album cover.

An album completed under extraordinary circumstances, where almost no aspect of the creative process was normal or typical.  The passion for musical creativity comes across in the emotional impact. A Frozen War is a triumph over adversity and a time to rejoice!

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