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KOYO – Walking On Air: New Single

KOYO are regular visitors to At The Barrier. With two albums behind them, they’re slowly moving free of the Prog tag that might have helped launch them, but it’s not a tag for life.

KOYO walking on air

KOYO has had a busy 2020 already with the release of the Live At RAK set and a new album in You Said It (our review here).

On 6th November KOYO release Walking On Air on 88 Watt Records. No – don’t be fooled for a moment by thinking they’ve gone all Aled Jones and The Snowman…far from it. It’s a track described as “motorik psych-rock.” A call to be proud and not ashamed of your emotions. It’s the result of working with Strokes producer Gordon Raphael. His relocation to Yorkshire and the desire to work with some local acts led to the hook up.

He’s coaxed the band into a fizzing performance. One that hones in on a philosophy of ‘don’t be in denial, don’t let someone make you feel inferior.’

It’s a song that’s raw and acerbic not only in the sentiment but in the sound that sees KOYO space rocking out in a Hawkwind style, especially when the sequenced throbs kick in with the guitar and bass of Huw Edwards and Dan Comlay adopting a Dave Brock rhythmic drive. Walking On Air displays pent up aggression and passion in a song that expresses the unashamed feeling of expressing the emotions. if music can’t make you do that, what can? As the title suggests, it also announces that feeling of relief from not having to suppress inner emotions. An outlet for letting off some steam. “I’m an attraction, I’m a distraction” is spat out like a refined Sex Pistol.

The band have also rather interesting video. While we’re now used to Huw Edwards’ extreme haircut, it might take a while to become accustomed to Jacob Price in his new guise. Watch here:

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