Dune Sea – Moons Of Uranus: Album Review

Scandinavia imparts another thrilling record upon us with the second album from Dune Sea, Moons Of Uranus.

Released: 13th November 2020

Label: All Good Clean Records

Format: LP / Digital

I don’t normally go for metal prog or prog metal, whichever way round you put it but I adore this album from Dune Sea. There is hardly any let up from the first notes of the First Contact with its wild manic keyboard to the last one of the mysterious Globe of Dust. Venomous, thunderous, dark, dirty…hold on to your space helmet as you’ll be flung headlong towards Uranus (careful how you read that!!).

The Norwegian-based group introduce new drummer Viktor Olsen Kristensen to the fold and they probably need to invest in a new drum kit for him as he bashes the hell out of them on this one! It’s glorious, exciting, enthralling drumming.

The walloping and heart-stirring guitar effects throughout plunge us through space exceeding all warp factor velocities; breathtaking and ‘riff-based’ isn’t an adequate description. Yes, there are riffs galore and enough synth effects to fill several Hawkwind albums. If Hawkwind and Motorhead combined you’d probably get Dune Sea.

Unless you’ve no intention of sleeping I don’t recommend you play this late because your pulse rate will soar and you might as well pour the Night Nurse down the sink as no amount of it will help.

Shaman and Absinthe Blues swirl and will rock your bones, Tusken provides a very brief moment of keyboard solace but the rest is essentially akin to retro-Purple. The title track Moons Of Uranus stomps and plods through a galaxy of riffs as the rest of the tracks all follow suit. There isn’t a dull or repetitive track as each one has its own stamp of individuality.

The group line up of guitar vocalist Ole Nogva, bass player Petter Solvik Dahle and drummer Viktor Olsen Kristensen might fool you into thinking there’s more in the band and together they are another of Scandinavia’s fine exponents of progressive music.

The label All Good Clean records are fooling us, this is as mucky as prog rock gets. Dune Sea are pure rocket fuel.

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