Collapse Under The Empire – Everything We Will Leave Beyond Us: Album Review

Collapse Under The Empire release their new Post-Rock/ Electronic album, Everything We Will Leave Beyond Us.

Release date: 20th November 2020

Label: Finaltune Records

Format: CD / LP / Digital

This thematic album concludes a story that began at the end of the last decade pre-empting a world with which we have sadly become all too familiar. One full of global mayhem, societal and environmental disaster with greed, ignorance, exploitation and injustice at its root. These dark, gloomy instrumentals by the German duo though, are uplifting in these superbly musically articulated pieces.

The pieces may describe a world rocketing out of kilter but the musical exploration on this synth-based album, launched by the majestic Ark Of The Horizon, slowly develops. Red Rain storms along with a pulsating beat and the storm rages at a tremendous pace getting stronger and stronger as it sets in. Seven is more melodic but still maintains a sound that fills every space in your head.

These German musical storytellers shun the use of lyrics – “We wanted the music to tell the story and to leave our music open to the interpretation of our listeners” they say, and indeed the epic soundscapes they create from the piano-based Resistance and Destruction’s chiming guitar through to the pounding title track, bombard you with an immersive soundtrack to an ever troubled dystopian world.

Even though self-interpretation is the key to their compositions, the track titles offer a guide until the explosive A New Beginning heralds the opportunity to rebuild towards our final track Another Earth. A stuttering keyboard opening develops into a more confident surge of sound with the track dying with ringing keyboard to hail the new world.

Deep and meaningful may be the essence of CUTE’s music but it is highly listenable too. Yes, it is dark, sombre and apocalyptic but it’s a great listen.

With the pre-release charity single A New Beginning, the band donates all proceeds to the German Red Cross, which is fighting the worldwide Corona crisis.

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