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Sophie Jamieson – Release: EP Review

Loneliness, spiraling and self-destruction – Sophie Jamieson shares her thoughts

Release Date:  1st December 2020

Label: Independent Release

Formats: Stream and Download

Sometimes, a personal, intensive outpouring of emotion by someone you’ve never met can feel restoring.  Such is the case with the new EP from emerging talent Sophie Jamieson.  Reflecting on a period of intense loneliness, spiraling and self-destruction, Sophie has shared four unique pieces of curious, dreamy, often ethereal music. Dominated by the restrained electronica that has now become her preferred mode of operation, these songs are thought-provoking, challenging, disturbing, and, ultimately, rewarding.

Opening track Release describes the vicious circle that attempts to escape loneliness and depression by excessive drinking can often lead to.  Like all the songs in this short collection, the vocal is upfront, clear and tuneful and expresses the full range of attitude between vulnerability and dominance.  The electronic backing builds gradually but relentlessly, adding to the desperation of the song, and is laced with interesting effects.  Forward, the first single to be taken from this collection, is more of the same. An equally relentless backing adds gravity to disturbing, almost stream-of-consciousness lyrics that deal with denial and regaining personal control.

Concrete is the current single and has already been the subject of numerous plaudits from around the industry.  Described as “a neurotic imagining of her final tired, peaceful moments crawling around her local roundabout,” the song has taken on extra poignancy since Sophie was involved in a cycling accident at the very place imagined in the song’s lyrics.  If you’re left in any doubt, the official video (self-directed) hammers the message home still further, with images of the roundabouts around Stratford, Bow and Canning Town. The tune is melodic and otherworldly and once again, the lyrics give food for some pretty strange thought!

Closing track End Of The Road is a departure from the electronica theme. It’s an interesting piece built around a simply strummed acoustic guitar and has an alluring stop/start structure that really draws the listener in. 

Release is produced by Steph Marziano (Re, Hayley Williams, Denai Moore and Lazy Day).  If you’re in the mood for something REALLY different, then I’d suggest that you give it a listen.

Watch the official video for Concrete, the new single, here:

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