Art Terry – Casual Sex: Video Premiere

Art Terry is a songwriter/musician from Los Angeles. His songs explore sexuality, black politics and religion, through a lyrical fusion of psychedelic folk music and orchestrated funk. A singer and pianist, Art underpins deeply personal lyrics with dense melodic textures.

Brought up in the gospel tradition (from which he was ejected for singing wild salacious songs during Sunday service) Art evokes the figure of the robed and commanding preacher in his live performances. Whether playing solo or with his collective of talented musicians, The Black Bohemians, Art’s live performances are theatrical and compelling.

We’re lucky to have an exclusive premiere of Art Terry’s new video, Casual Sex. The track is taken from his 2020 album, Sex Madness. The video was produced by Berlin-based Ncube and was edited by British video artist Chocie Friedburg.

Casual Sex was co-written with Stew of Stew & The Negro Problem. Stew is most famous for having written the musical Passing Strange, a live performance of which was filmed by Spike Lee. Both Stew and Art spent a time living in Berlin when they were younger.

Art Terry’s Isolation Songbook is also nearing fully-edited and polished readiness. The songbook charts the progress of his COVID-19 infection earlier in 2020 with a song and video a day. And he’s also working on a new album as Art Terry & The Black Bohemians as well as continuing his radio show on Resonance FM at midnight every Tuesday, called Is Black Music.

Here is Casual Sex…enjoy…

Art Terry online: Official Website / Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter

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