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Michael J Sheehy – The Places We Used To Dance: Single Review

Michael J Sheehy does his bit for fundraising with an excellent new single that follows in the vein of the similarly excellent Distance Is The Soul Of Beauty (our review).

Indeed, it’s a Bandcamp exclusive digital single with all proceeds to the Music Venue Trust. Released on Lightning Archive on 4th December, you can contribute anytime, enjoy a couple of handy tunes and make a small investment in the future of live music.

Michael J Sheehy

Dedicated to grassroots music venues fighting for survival due to COVID-19 restrictions, both tracks highlight the more reflective side, showcased on the recent album. The Places We Used To Dance is what Michael has called “a lament for bygone days and long gone music venues.” The mournful vibe comes over loud and clear in the hazy ambience, lazy electronic beats mixing with a retro mood. A sign of the not quite dark, but certainly foggy times.

“It was written a while ago…” he adds. “I had in mind the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town and the 12 Bar Club on Denmark Street, two places that will always mean so much to me. Recent events have really driven home just how important these places are and the sad reality is, if we lose them they won’t be replaced. We have to fight tooth and nail. Like many, I’m struggling right now, music is such an important part of my life both as an artist and a punter. The absence of live music has been pretty hard to take and the fact that so many venues are in danger of closing their doors for good is quite frankly, terrifying.”

Baby, Baby, Baby (Can I Tell You Something?) – a bittersweet song from a jilted lover to a callous heartbreaker -“is either kinda cute or a bit ugly. I’m really not sure,” says Sheehy. Make up your own mind although you can easily empathise with the character and the reality of his situation that plays out. Maybe in the same way that we’d encounter similar emotions over the loss of our music venues. Musing over what you once had and hinting at the bitter reality.

Here’s the brilliantly evocative video for The Places We Used To Dance:

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