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Little Sparrow – Tears: Single Review

Little Sparrow – the nickname that’s stuck to Katie Ware after being christened by Guy Garvey – has been on our radar for quite some time. However, we must be slacking. We haven’t heard from Little Sparrow for a while and almost missed the recent single Tears.

It’s the Little Sparrow take, a cover version even, of a song written back in the mists of time by her dad Mick.

 “The song was actually written by my Dad Mick Ware back in 1984, about being alone up in Space. I have very fond memories of my dad writing this song and singing it to me at bedtime. I absolutely loved it even though it was sad. I spent many nights listening to it being played over and over in my Dad’s home studio while he was recording it and loved singing along to it. This is Little Sparrow’s version of the song

The video sees her cast adrift in astronaut guise and donning sinister black makeup that adds to the dark feel. One that moves the song away from its original incarnation as a bedtime lullaby from father to daughter.

Anyone used to the Little Sparrow experience of acoustic guitar and gossamer vocals will be thrilled by an encounter with something a bit different. Soundbites and an arrangement packed withdrama, cinematic rising crescendos and passion and emotion in bucketloads – the transformation to the various characters that inhabit the last moments of the song, quite disturbing.

In the meantime, while we’re hanging on and making sure we don’t miss the ‘long awaited’ second album,there’s a three-track CD available from her website that features two of her versions of the track and Mick’s original.

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