Bewitcher announce new album for 2021

Bewitcher announce their fourth album; Cursed Be Thy Kingdom.

Bewitcher are set to return in 2021 with their third studio album. The follow up to Under The Witching Cross is entitled Cursed Be Thy Kingdom and will be set to slay your aural senses on April 16th 2021. All that has been revealed about the album is the stunning cover image which was created by Paolo Girardi (Power Trip, Bell Witch, Black Breath, Inquisition and many more). The album will be released via Century Media Records.


“We summoned the mighty Paolo Girardi to deliver us a cover that visually depicted a few of the lyrical themes within the album. It has a Renaissance-era vibe to it, but it also incorporates some nods to the band’s past. It’s filled with all kinds of omens, harbingers, and all that cool dark, evil looking shit that is a necessity in any heavy metal album cover of merit! Get your dose of black magic on April 16th, when ‘Cursed Be Thy Kingdom’ is finally turned loose upon the world!“

M. von Bewitcher (vox & guitars)

Recorded at The Captain’s Quarters in Ventura, California by Armand John Anthony (Night Demon), and mixed by Cameron Webb (Motörhead, Megadeth), Cursed Be Thy Kingdom is bound to be a powerhouse, heavy-metal-rock-’n’-roll record forged in the white hot fires of Hell.

Rock ’n’ roll is the Devil’s music, and through Cursed Be Thy Kingdom, Bewitcher will extend the invite to join them at the crossroads, drink from the chalice of rock ’n’ roll, then ritualistically sell your soul to the dark lord himself. M. von Bewitcher puts it best, “The Devil is always ready to make the deal…”

Keep an eye out for more announcements on Bewitcher’s new album and in the mean time, take a look back and listen to Speed Til You Bleed…

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