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Audrey’s Dance – Fag Ash Lil: EP Review

Audrey’s Dance, the two-piece indie-pop outfit from Preston, has an EP whose title strikes a chord with us.

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There’s a name from the past. Not Audrey’s Dance, they’re definitely of our time, but Fag Ash Lil. An acquaintance of Larry Grayson, as was Everard and Slack Alice. Ah, the heady days of camp comedians and The Generation Game… Meanwhile, the sadpop / sadcore keyboard / vocal duo of Zeynep Ozsabuncu and Hannah Rebecca Greatorex have a three song EP up for grabs with which to lull us despite the tongue in cheek title.

Internet Queen is a sombre opening; frustration, sadness and possibly a tinge of uplift and hope at such an overwhelming part of our lives that provides so much but is “not what it seems.” The art of isolation; a melancholy mood is set up beautifully.

Much brighter is the sing-song piano accompaniment to Don’t Dream Of Me. You can appreciate and make sense of the comparisons that bracket the duo on the same page as chamber pop balladeers such as Tori Amos. The “cut your hair too short all falls onto the kitchen floor” part is gorgeous. “I could make beautiful things with you, just not the things we wanted to…” – oh dear, a real feeling of resignation.

Packed with pathos and a tuned percussion delicacy, the title track finds our character pondering “where will I go, where will I hide when I am old?” It rounds off a lovely little ten minutes to spend with a duo destined to soundtrack your moments of loneliness and solitude.

Listen to the title track here:

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