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News of the forthcoming 4CD compilation of The Pineapple Thief frontman, Bruce Soord’s lockdown sessions.


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Over the last half-decade, The Pineapple Thief, led by Bruce Soord and bolstered by the involvement of master drummer Gavin Harrison, has rapidly ascended to the upper echelons of Europe’s Alternative Rock scene.

To acclaim from the worldwide media and fans, September 2020 saw the release of Versions Of The Truth, the latest instalment in the band’s discography. This was due to be followed, almost immediately, by an extensive live campaign which sadly due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation has been postponed until 2021.

 Bruce Soord, not wanting to disappoint fans, announced he would perform a solo acoustic live streamed performance of songs from across The Pineapple Thief’s illustrious catalogue. Due to the success of the initial performance, 1 session turned into 4 across the summer. 

Bruce Soord explains: Back in the spring of 2020 I decided to perform a live acoustic show from my attic studio. I figured I could set up something with a bit more production than just a face peering down a mobile phone. I created a little haven of guitars, pedals, loopers, microphones and webcams and mixed them all together ready to send out to the world.”

Bruce Soord had never streamed a live show before and most of the songs he had never performed solo before – some he had never performed at all.

“I played my first show, diving headfirst into the unknown and I soon learned how many people had enjoyed it and that resulted in another 3 sessions over the following weeks, playing songs from the 20 years I had been writing with The Pineapple Thief and more recently my solo work.”

The Soord Sessions Volumes1-4 will be released as a deluxe 4 CD hardback book edition. With the 4 CDs covering 36 tracks from The Pineapple Thief discography & Bruce Soord’s solo albums. The 48-page book features an extended forward and notes on each session by Bruce Soord plus previously unseen photos from the attic studio and images from the live streams along with technical and personal information on the equipment used.

DISC 1 (Soord session 1 – acoustic)   
1. Intro [00:47]   2. Shoot First [05:03]   3. Willow Tree [05:59]   4. Part Zero [08:30]   5. No Man`s Land [06:44]   6. Snowdrops [07:22]   7. The Final Thing On My Mind [14:26]

DISC 2 (Soord session 2 – acoustic) 
1. Intro [00:46] 2. Magnolia [05:04] 3. My Debt To You [06:21] 4. Alone At Sea [08:25] 5. Clapham  [06:19] 6. Cut The Flowers  [08:06] 7. Shed A Light ([08:23] 8. White Mist [13:03] Bonus Track  – 9. White Mist [13:11]

DISC 3 (Soord session 3 – acoustic) 
1. Intro  [00:41] 2. All The Wars [04:48] 3. Threatening War [07:37] 4. Fend For Yourself [05:23] 5. The One You Left To Die [06:14] 6. Someone Here Is Missing  [04:14] 7. Reaching Out  [10:06] 8. A Loneliness [03:32] 9. Remember Us [12:32] Bonus Track – 10. A Loneliness [03:20]

DISC 4 – (Soord session 4 – acoustic) 
1. Intro  [00:25] 2. In Exile [05:04] 3. Someone Pull Me Out  [04:33] 4. Demons [07:51]  5. All This Will Be Yours [06:11] 6. Last Man Standing [05:39] 7. The Solitary Path Of A Convicted Man [03:51] 8. Versions Of The Truth[06:17] 9. Bond  [07:58] Bonus Track  – 10. Barely Breathing [04:21] 

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