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GU-RU – Teach Me (Acid Remix): New Single

GU-RU, the electro-psych popular front led by Lee Spreadbury, has a new single out. An acid remix of Teach Me? Oh, go on then…

If you’ve seen Lee doing his PR bit on the socials, drifting into view like a long lost member of the Wakeman family, you’ll understand why he calls his remix “a banger” (my new favourite word btw). “Full-on acid house filth” – brilliant!

So get set at the launch desk, twiddle your panel of knobs and set the controls for the heart of the sun. A pulsing cocktail of throbs and bleeps bounces into view and it’s hard to to swing your bell bottoms. It’s all about setting up infectious repetition – wasn’t it Prince who exuded ‘joy in repetition’? He’d be ‘doing it’ with Lee and GU-RU, chilling out to groovy sounds for sure.

As the rhythms and sequences dip in and out there’s a mild feeling of disappointment that we’re brought back to Earth after three and a half minutes? Maybe there might be what we’d call a 12″ mix in old money. Alternatively, you could always just play it again? It’s not rocket science – or is it? Check the GU-RU Bandcamp page.

GU-RU Teach Me Acid Remix Cover

But – looking on the bright side, we’re also promised that the new EP features a cover version (Lee – “tasty if I say so myself”) of Edgar Winters Frankenstein… If you don’t know the original, check it out and try to imagine what GU-RU has done with it.

Meanwhile, here’s the original Teach Me as a taster:

GU-RU online: Facebook / Bandcamp

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