Steady Rollin – Love & Loss: Album Review

Steady Rollin made their long-overdue return was back in 2017. A slice of blues rock heaven, Love & Loss may be almost 4 years old – but it’s still as important to this day. With music videos for the album being released left, right and centre, the outfit don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and we’re glad.

Release date: Out Now

Label: Self-Release

Formats: CD / Vinyl / Digital

Love & Loss is armed with 10 tracks straight from the soul. Unapologetic, good old-fashioned rock and roll; the album begins with a Soundgarden meets Queen-esque guitar riff-based song called I Feel Alive. Just over six minutes of pure energy, the track sounds retro yet refreshing in today’s current industry. Track two enters with a spacious progressive rock feel to its core, showcasing how diverse Steady Rollin’s attire truly is. The 10 track album surely is a rollercoaster ride through realms of different genres, but it always comes back to the band’s true roots – the blues.

There seem to be only a couple of tracks worthy of radio play on the album due to the track’s length. The shortest track at 3:47 – Rachel is the album closer and comes across as powerful yet delicate in places. In The End I’m Back To Me explores themes of independence and having a vibrant personality. With elements of grunge rock in the guitar’s tone, there’s a slight nudge to outfit’s such as Pearl Jam within this single. Fernando Poma’s vocals have a slight Eddie Vedder style to them, which is never a bad thing!

Call Me By 2, You’re Mystical and When The Judgement Comes are vital to the progression of the album. Every track is like a stepping stone as such into the minds of Steady Rollin. An outfit that doesn’t follow your typical rulebook, but instead, creates music without limitations, their empowering music is highly addictive.

An album best played at a high volume, there’s something for everyone within this release. Jam-packed with adrenaline and character, the layers of optimism and hope from each track couldn’t have come at a better time for the world. Stick the album on repeat and be transcended to paradise.

Watch Call Me by 2 from Steady Rollin below:

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