Nad Sylvan – Spiritus Mundi album and video: News

A member of the Steve Hackett band for the past eight years, Nad Sylvan is proud to present the second song The Stolen Child from his forthcoming new album, Spiritus Mundi, which is set for release on April 9th 2021.

Nad comments on the new song: 

“The Stolen Child is one of W B Yeats’ most popular early poems first published in Irish Monthly in 1896. Like much of his early work, it is based on the myths and legends he heard from local people while growing up in County Sligo.  I feel this song is a very captivating take on the lyrical content and will place you in a colorful dreamy landscape which will take you back to your own gullible childhood. Let the fairies come and get you.”

After concluding work on a series of solo albums known as the Vampirate trilogy, Nad now changes course on his upcoming fourth album by converting poems of WB Yeats into music. The album sees him collaborating extensively with Andrew Laitres who made a contribution to the last album, The Regal Bastard.

There are also guest appearances from Steve Hackett, Jonas Reingold and Tony Levin amongst others. Says Nad:

I’m so excited about its release. Anyone that has heard it just loves it. They think that this is my best album and I tend to agree. It’s a bit different than what I’ve done before and that’s a good thing.”

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