Why I Love: Perhaps Contraption on Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Perhaps Contraption describes themselves as Avant-Rock / Post-Classical / Jazz-Punk / Marching Band / Something. “The future of brass” has also been mentioned. In the third of a series of events via Buds & Spawn they’ll be bringing their trademark vibrant sound (along with Captain Avery & The Cosmic Triceratops Of Intergalactic Peace) to our homes with a live stream on 25th February (details later…). For now, Christo Squier from the world’s only 9 piece art-punk marching band enlightens us about Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

–       Why you love them

Rushing, brutal walls of sound, lush sonic textures, heart-breaking crescendos, late-capitalism death-knoll field recordings, bleak artwork, what’s not to love?!

–       When you first heard them

When I was 15, in my best friend’s bedroom. I’d never been moved by music in such a way before.

–       When was that moment when it all clicked for you with the artist

Straight away, upon that first listening, I was hooked. I remember lying on the floor and feeling overwhelmed.

–       How they inspired you

 They inspired me to pick up the guitar and start experimenting with sound. The very next day, I found an old one lying around and started twinkling,  searching for chords and then later, delay pedals and fuzz.

–       How they influence you

Their music has taught me a lot about textures and restraint. Their politics also sent me down a different rabbit hole.

–       Favourite songs

Antennas to Heaven…  Track 4 from Lift yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven.Not so much a song, but a rock symphony, it’s about 19 minutes long! 

–       Their legacy

That’s a tricky one, I think they’re seen as giants and iconoclasts in the sphere of post-rock. To me they just ooze innovation and integrity whereas I feel like a lot of other music in that genre is doing it by numbers.

–       Favourite album covers

Definitely the cover of  Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven. The whole album’s artwork is by a fantastic artist called William Schaff, an artist based in Rhode Island. I did part of my GCSE art project on him! Years later I was blown away when by change I met him at an activist brass band festival called Pronk! (Part of a global network of street bands called Honk!) He plays in an incredible brass band called What Cheer? Brigade.

Our thanks to Christo for taking the time to share his thoughts and introduce us to a rack of new musical genres all in one fell swoop. Here’s news of the upcoming live stream

“Hey Friends, We’re doing a live stream this Thursday with @BudsandSpawn from 19:30. Presenting some brand new material for the very first time! Reserve your ticket here

Watch Perhaps Contraption doing Mud Belief which we nabbed from their website…:

Perhaps Contraption online: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp

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