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Remote Bass – Impossible: EP Review

Remote Bass is a brand new studio project from bassist Ben Adey and producer Tim Scott.

Release date: 25th February 2021

Label: Loyalty Capes Music

Format: DL / stream here

“There was no action plan, we just got in the studio and started from scratch with no ideas.

No ideas that is, aside from Ben picking up a bass that just happened to be lying around and playing over some beats Tim had been working up. Then making the most of the technology to overcome any difficulties with the need to work remotely. From having no plan, there’s a plan if ever there were one. One that saw Ben Adey laying down bass and vocals and Tim Scott taking the lead on beats and guitar with additional percussion provided by drummer Jordan Rose (Cory Wong, Theo Katzman of Vulfpeck).

The outcome is five tracks, which shouldn’t but do actually, come as a surprise. Tim Scott’s propensity for producing funk and soul-tinged experiences is at the heart of the ‘alternative anthems’. on Impossible. A guide that led to the fluid basslines and tripping guitars found on Careless Love that opens the set with a sultry Jungle-meets-Thundercat slowjam.

Now, there might be some names and influences to these tracks that appear alien to us. However, it feels safe to say they’re kind of on the same page or at least ballpark of the soul-tinged manifestations that Prince made his own. Careless Love gets into a groove then passes the baton to Know Ya where the falsetto vocal and funky chops dominate. It feels very cool and lifts the general mood of despondency that’s ruling our lives.

Right On Me gets tagged with a “Parliament-preened flare” description. Very easy on the ear. The shimmer of what could be electric piano and some upfront basslines provide the sprinkles on a velvet smooth groove. There’s a lovely little guitar break, heavily processed, it floats around the air of late-night moods. “Let your body get right on me“…now who would come up with a phrase like that? The feelgood vibe returns with Even When It Breaks and the guitar breaks out a touch of dirt on Movin that also features a spoken-word part courtesy of Ducklin Curlz.

So ends this lesson. Five of bite-size shots of gentle funk, soul and hip hop beats. The Remote Bass debut release soothes with‘”a lot of love and an element of optimism for the future.”

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