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Huwbergine – I’m On It: New Single

KOYO frontman Huw Edwards shows his other side. His lockdown project, Huwbergine, follows up the debut single Grow. We’re promised a blast of triumphant electro-pop (with guitars). He’s on it.

huwbergine i'm on it

On the heels of the debut single Grow, comes a burst of electro-pop (with guitars, naturally) with I’m On It out on 88 Watt Records.

Now if you’re reading this you probably all know the fuss that kicked off when Steven Wilson started to head off at a tangent with his latest The Future Bites that was based on electro-music values. Not surprising to some, but to others, akin to selling his soul and siding with Satan. Maybe Huwbergine moves in less exalted circles, but anyone open-minded enough will appreciate, admire even, his desire to try something a bit different. Unlike Mr Wilson though who’s been reported as having lost some interest in the instrument, the guitar remains.

So mote it be and I’m On It is built on a drive and a prominent thump of beats and weird whirling noises courtesy of Edwards plus some drums by Alex Thomas and KOYO buddy Jacob Price with some extra synths.

It’s the idea of ” just firing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks,” says Huw(bergine). A desire for a synthy lushness and euphoria mixed with a drop of wildness and unpredictability. Playing Devil’s advocate, and having listened to the development of KOYO, particularly their You Said It album from last year, not too far from the day job and achieving the aim of I’m On It being a forthright “anthem for anyone who wants an injection of motivation to get up and get on it.”

And then there’s news hot from the press that current writing for the next KOYO album is heading in quite a ‘proggy’ direction. Watch this space.

In case you missed it, here’s Grow:

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