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Singles Round Up – March 2021

At The Barrier, we cover many albums, but there’s also a lot of new music around that takes single form too. These singles are from independent artists that have certainly caught our attention, and we want to dive in deeper to the tracks. Here are a few select choices from InHibit, Killing Kenny, Toby & Pip, der Mist and Jade Moss.

InHibit – Settings

Anglo-Belgian artist, InHibit, is back with electrifying new, alternative rock anthem, ‘Settings‘. Taken from his forthcoming debut EP, the elevating release feels refreshing, yet pays ode to the 90’s musical era. Detailing the tale of how we chain ourselves to others and society, the intimate single is up, close and personal.

Following in the footsteps of previous singles ‘The Quest’ and ‘Shadows of Fire’, ‘Settings’ takes a subtle turn down a harder-hitting soundscape. Showcasing InHibit’s musical influences come from many different eras, ‘Settings’ refuses to be limited to one avenue, and that’s what makes it stand out from the norm.

Killing Kenny – 4th of July

Singer-songwriter Killing Kenny goes Country on heartfelt single, ‘4th of July‘. A single that may feel a few months early when you check your calendar, ‘4th of July’ couldn’t have come at a better time for the globe. Taken from his forthcoming debut album, to be released later this month, the country rock anthem showcases that Ken refuses to be limited to one style.

“4th of July” steps away from the normal attire that Ken’s music may reside in, and steps into a lively country feel that suits his voice perfectly. Armed with an ear-worm chorus that you won’t be getting out of your head anytime soon, ‘4th of July’ is bathed in a stylish Americana arrangement and shakes off any lockdown blues you may be currently feeling.

Toby & Pip – Little Lady

Sometimes you come across a musical duo that seem to have everything figured out… Toby & Pip are exactly that duo. With chemistry not only on stage but off the stage too, this husband-and-wife duo create uplifting music, ready to sooth your soul. Distinctive single “Little Lady” is an autobiographical song based on the early experience of parenthood, and is dedicated to their little daughter, Josie.

Hoping to bring joy to peoples lives, and with Mothers Day just around the corner, the warming single is remarkable. A reminder to tell your loved ones that you care, ‘Little Lady’ is elevating and highly motivational. Toby has filmd one second of Josie’s life every day on his phone (which he continues to do so), and the music video is made entirely from these daily moments. “Little Lady” is a beautiful single that will certainly leave a smile on your face

der Mist – Step Into The Light

Glasgow’s answer to Daft Punk, der Mist could easily become the ‘next big thing’ out of Scotland. Creating music that’s destined to make you move and think, the duo have recently released their debut album, but for this feature, we’re covering one of their singles, ‘Step Into the Light‘. A highly intoxicating release that mixes rock, pop and electronica together to form a delicious cocktail, ‘Step Into The Light’ will leave your tastebuds going wild.

Fusing an energetic guitar riff with a fascinating arrangement, ‘Step Into The Light’ is like Beck met up with Daft Punk to create a masterpiece. A furious release that requires you to dance around your bedroom while the song is blaring loudly, this is the type of music that your neighbours will love too – we’re sure of it!

Jade Moss – Hey Babe

Vintage pop icon Jade Moss is not only a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world, but in the music industry too. Returning with her new retro-pop style single, ‘Hey Babe’, the sultry single blends pop, trip-hop, and even jazz into it’s mix. An artist that likes to make clear statements with her image and soundscapes, Jade Moss is a bold woman stating that anything is possible, if you just believe in yourself.

“Hey Babe” tells the story of true love in a shallow world. It also includes how meeting someone new can sometimes give you a new perspective, whether that’s in a platonic or a romantic relationship. Glamorous and sounding like the type of music that Shirley Bassey would love, this diva never takes ‘no’ for an answer and that’s what makes her stand out firmly from the crowd.

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