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Songs of Petrichor – Nomad: Single Review

Songs Of Petrichor, a Saudi Arabian Prog band,  release their debut single  Nomad as a preview to their self- titled album coming November 2021. 

Release date:  24th March 2021

Label:  Sound of Wall Records

Format:  Streaming platforms –   Spotify / Bandcamp

This single alludes to the fact that prog rock is truly global. The group was formed after a successful business venture led to drummer/lyricist  Omair Soomro meeting vocalist and guitarist Shaharyar Hamdani.  Their musical affinities being similar resulted in a musical venture and the formation of the Songs of Petrichor.

If Nomad is anything to stand by then the future album will be a worthy listen. Conjuring up the travelling spirit and belonging nowhere you are firmly placed in a desert landscape of wandering caravans. Spot the British prog link in there – but their early album too had a meandering, wistful sound too. 

The trio is completed by Yousuf Masood (Guitar, Bass) to produce lovely, Asian melodies which swirl and twist as if driven by a mystical desert wind that merges middle eastern and south Asian tones to create a delightfully fresh sonic experience. Influences of Ravi Shankar and Led Zeppelin (a la Kashmir naturally) come through strongly as do the sounds of the aforementioned early Caravan.

The warm exotic sounds will warm the cool November air when the album is released.

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