Morpheus Project – Mozaick: Album Review

Already receiving rave reviews from the likes of Prog Magazine, Scala Radio and BBC Introducing, Morpheus Project’s Mozaick is a must-listen album. Unique yet with elements of progressive rock at its core.

Release Date: 19th March 2021.

Label: Self Release

Format: Digital

Morpheus Project is a collective ready to rock your entire world. Led by the mastermind that is Mustafa Khetty, the outfit release an exceptional debut album, Mozaick. Equipped with 9 tracks that showcase the world of prog-rock, experimental, world music and classical, Mozaick is entirely expansive.

Album opener Rage Before The Storm is aggressive in places but prominently vulnerable. Infused with synthesizers and a spacious attire, the vibrant vocals walk hand in hand with elegant strings. The second track on the release – Shrill – is based around hypnotic violins that soar through the soundscape as light as a feather. Armed with emotive vocals, Shrill is completely different from the first track and sounds like something you’d hear in Eurovision.

Dancing With Elves continues at the same momentum as Rage Before The Storm, but this time, more fast-paced. Progressive and in parts sounding quite influenced by jazz fusion, Dancing With Elves’sounds like it’s come straight off a soundtrack to a highly energetic game. As for title track, aka the longest track on the album, this Middle East influenced number showcases how broad MP’s imagination truly is.

Tomorrow Never Comes also enters with a Middle East influence that will get you dancing away with a hypnotic beat. Waiting is radio-worthy, and the most simplistic song on the release. Cultural and in places emotive, Waiting merges world music with classical. The percussive number Istanbul Swing is both powerful yet intimate in places. A track that’s dynamically wonderful.

Marked as the heaviest release on the album, Nights To Remember has seen international success and we’re not surprised. In your face and refusing to be pushed aside, this metal-infused contender is electrifying. Classical infused Cry For Freedom showcases how Morpheus Project’s influences aren’t limited. Delicate and cinematic, this is the perfect track for a feature film set in space.

If you’re into progressive-rock/metal, experimental, world music or even classical, this album should have a place in your heart.

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