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Singles Round Up – April 2021

At The Barrier, we cover many albums, but there’s also a lot of new music around that takes single form too. These singles are from artists that have caught our attention, and we want to dive in deeper to the tracks. Here are a few select choices from Jordan Dean, Raw Soul Express, Jack Rose, Vinok and Tommy Newport for the next instalment of our Singles Round Up.

Jordan Dean – Local (Instagram)

Cleveland-based indie artist Jordan Dean is the real deal. With most of the music industry being indie artists at the moment, you need to stand out from the crowd with your best qualities – Jordan Dean does exactly that. Released as part of new EP of the same name, ‘Local’ draws inspiration from the likes of Jamie T, The Kooks and Arctic Monkeys to name a few.

Addictive and entirely original, Jordan Dean’s ‘Local’ is equipped with all the qualities you’d want from a indie anthem. Distinctive vocals, upbeat instrumentation and a driving personality, ‘Local’ has real heart and soul. A debut EP that showcases a promising future lies ahead for Jordan, 2021 is certainly the year for Jordan Dean.

Raw Soul Express – Fate of the World (Facebook)

Knowing the ins and outs of the music industry, Raw Soul Express are the funk force of nature you need in your life. They still have the passion they did when they released their debut album 45 years ago, and you can hear that throughout their latest single, ‘Fate of the World’. A soulful release that perfectly represents how far soul music has evolved over the years, this track is destined to leave you dancing around your house.

Whilst the lyrics touch upon the Black Lives Matter movement, the COVID-19 Pandemic, the economy and global warming, the instrumentation is lively and reassuring. Asking the questions and leaving listeners able to interpret their take on the release, ‘Fate of the World’ is an important release that secures another sensational release from this soul collective.

Jack Rose – Rockstar (Website)

Jack Rose could easily become an overnight sensation. Already on his way to become the next global pop-star, ‘Rockstar’ cements this statement as a fact. Highly intelligent and able to tell a story with it’s easy-listening approach, Jack Rose’s latest release is polished and armed with trap, pop, and hip-hop elements thrown in for good measure. Powerfully pop and backed by an all-star cast of some of the UK’s hottest producers, it’s no wonder Jack’s getting the attention he deserves.

Not only a singer-songwriter with endless talents, Jack’s also the host of Amazon TV series Ghost Hunting with Jack Rose. Named ‘The One to Watch’ by the Official Charts Company, Jack Rose could easily be the next Justin Timberlake. As for ‘Rockstar’, the pop number could easily be number one of the charts. Mainstream and suited for youngsters, someone sign this artist up already.

Vinok – river (Website)

Vinok hail from Ukraine, and their sound is an unusual mix of experimental rock and indie art-pop spiced with notes of garage punk, pulp grunge and even hip-hop.

“river” is the namesake of a masterpiece written by American novelist Flannery O’Connor. Much of the symbolism within the song is in reference to her renowned story “River”. This song is about redemption and all of the pain that comes with it before one is truly set free.

Musically, river builds wondrously over a calm beginning complete with soaring vocals. The introduction gives way to something of a glam-rock stomp. It makes for a thoroughly exciting three minutes of music.

Tommy Newport feat. EarthGang- Stargazer (Facebook)

Born in Manchester, England, Tommy Newport relocated to the United States with his family at six years old where he bounced around from Dallas to Seattle before settling down in Wichita, Kansas. After picking up the guitar as a teenager to ease the boredom that comes with the idyllic, but monotonous life in the Midwest, Newport submerged himself into music and hasn’t looked back since. 

Following the release of his critically acclaimed EP Ultra Mango, Newport has teamed up with freshly Grammy nominated hip-hop duo EarthGang on their Stargazer. The single is a vibrant and infectious track, dripping with charisma and allure. The bass throbs along in bouncy fashion alongside an infectious beat. EarthGang offer up some sublimely delivered verses in amongst the brilliant mix. With the sun making an appearance again for the summer, Stargazer is a brilliant song built for those hazy evenings as the sun sets…a real summer treat.

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