The Curse Of KK Hammond – Devil’s Kin Blues: Video Premiere

KK Hammond releases Devils’ Kin Blues. With Cerys Matthews on the case, check out the video that adds to the slowly building KK Hammond portfolio.

Anyone unfamiliar with KK Hammond, may delight in the wonderful description of “dark and dirty slide blues by your favourite misanthropic, woodland-dwelling hermit.”

On the new song, you can delight at the opening gambit of “Did you hear what they said? They call me a bad egg.” Now, apart from the possibility of confusing KK Hammond with KK Downing (of Judas Priest of course…), how often do you hear the terrific term ‘bad egg’? Fans Of Fawlty Towers will immediately point to permanent resident Major Gowen in The Germans episode, but maybe this is the first time in song.

She may well be touting the Devil’s music while playing assorted games at his table along with his cast of minions, but there’s an element of tongue in cheekiness about proceedings. Lo-fi, raw and rootsy, KK and Old Nick make a lovely couple with their cute pet alligator.

All we can suggest is to take up the invitation to take a drink of whisky from a dead man’s boot, kiss the Devil where the sun don’t shine and check out the brilliant video here:

As a purveyor of the rich sound of the Resonator guitar, KK Hammond takes her influence from the time-honoured Delta Blues players of the 1930s, the roots music of Appalachia and its ancestors. London-born, KK took an interest in guitar, Americana and the Blues from an early age and spent some years exploring the back roads of the USA. Eventually, she settled in the English Countryside, where she works with horses. A self-professed hermit living in an isolated spot in the woods, K.K. enjoys exploring the wilderness surrounding her home to seek inspiration for her songwriting.

The Curse Of KK Hammond – “behind you…..”

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  1. Absolutely love that resonator guitar, the sound, the lyrics the images all unite to create that dark devil feeling with a side order of humour, ten out of ten

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