Kimberley Rew & Lee Cave-Berry – Growing Up Song: Video Premiere

Growing Up Song is the new single, from Kimberley Rew (Soft Boys, Katrina & The Waves, writer of Walking On Sunshine!) & Lee Cave-Berry.

Growing Up Song is the new single from Kimberley Rew (Soft Boys, Katrina & The Waves, writer of Walking On Sunshine) & Lee Cave-Berry. The single is released today and we present to you the premiere of the new video for the single.

Growing Up Song is taken from the forthcoming album – Purple Kittens, set to be released on June 18th.

Kimberley Lee has an esteemed history in music being the songwriter of Walking On Sunshine, Love Shine A Light (Britain’s last Eurovision-winner) and Going Down To Liverpool (which was covered by The Bangles) amongst many other effervescent originals. He played with both The Soft Boys, alongside Robyn Hitchcock, and Katrina & The Waves, before embarking on a twenty year+ solo career with his musical and life partner, Lee Cave-Berry. Lee is a bassist and songwriter and takes the lead vocals on the deceptively simple yet acoustically intricate Growing Up Song redolent of the best British folk-rock-pop, and simpler times. But as Kim points out. Were they really that simple…?

“I am very old, and in many areas of life it’s already the turn of someone younger. I don’t envy them conducting much of their lives in the virtual world. But beware of people like me who casually use the term ’the real world’, as if we knew what that was. We bought drummer Liam Gray a cajon and ordered him to play it. Lee is on tambourine and beautiful vocal. Me on acoustic guitar and amazingly the whole thing sounds like we play with that set up all the time.”

Kim came up with the idea of using old footage for the video. Paul Foulsham hammered it all together and Lee supervised carefully.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the new album in June! It’s bound to be excellent. We’ll have a review coming through.

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