Indolore – After The Rain: Album Review

After the Rain by Indolore is a summery collection of mellow, tuneful songs bringing a radiant touch through contemplative and reflective thoughts.

Released: 30th April 2021

Label: Self-Released

Format: Digital

Birds singing. Water flowing. Kids smiling.  

These are amongst the wonderful things in life. They are things that have brought pleasure to many; particularly in recent times when many of life’s pleasures have been denied.

It has been said that Indolore has, ‘sprinkled his path with a luminous melancholy.”

This is a very succinct way to describe the light but uplifting music.

Multi-instrumentalist Indolore (Guillaume) is vocalist and plays guitars, keyboards, synths, mellotron, saxophone, clarinet, percussions and is accompanied by Antoine Delecroix , recording and guitars, bass, Emiliano Turi , drums, Fabrice De Battista : piano (Let The Sun Come, Oh Boy, Naive in Love) and Elodie Letaëron , backing vocals (Let The Sun Come).

I wrote these songs in 2019 and 2020, especially during the first lockdown. The influence of composing music  in my childhood home, in Mimizan, in the south west of France, on the Atlantic coast, where time was slower there clearly had an impact . I was able to enjoy the simple things, to appreciate them again. To reconnect with my origins. That of a child of the ocean and the forest. No screen and no internet at the time. I think it helped me to write in a more calm, optimistic way.

Indolore on After The Rain

The songs of Indolore are like conversations. We’re told about the plight of Alicia Stone and the girl with a flowery necklace, the birth of a new friendship and love; implores us to have hope for good times ahead and asks us to  tell him about those who we regard as special.

The music softly lilts and caresses our ears. In one particular moment, a captivating saxophone solo highlights that there is more to the music than tenderly played acoustic guitar. Delve deeper and there is  well crafted musicianship where the beat is lifted at the correct moment. In the background, silky keyboards float and swirl, drums shuffle and drive providing the heartbeat, and stringed instruments paint a sun-kissed panorama.

Indolore  means ‘painless’  and although the songs may have a gossamer touch  there is  deep thinking behind them all. Indolore, uses the the rain as a metaphor for negative influences on our life. The philosophy appears to be to accept what we have lost, yet whatever our reaction to these moments, the abiding message is the importance of the strength of  our relationships and friendships.

The album was  recorded the album in Paris, in the basement of the house of Chopin. Despite his absence (!!) Indolore says that they could feel his good vibes.

After The Rain is a message of hope after months of high stress.

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