Dom Brown – In My Bones: Album Review

Current guitarist of Duran Duran, Dom Brown, comes up trumps with a splendid solo effort.

Release date: 11th June 2021

Label: Remedy Records

Format: CD / DL

It’s been a while since 2013’s Blue To Brown album. Perhaps an indication of the esteem in which Dom Brown is held and the demand for his services. That’s not least in helping to maintain the longevity of Duran Duran (new album due in October) alongside other projects.

In My Bones has been building slowly over a couple of years and showcases a curious variety as he works his way through a kaleidoscope of styles. They’re all delivered with a sense of positivity and hope and with due reverence to pop, rock and blues sensibilities. Yes, there’s a feeling of empathy and connection with his bigger profile company on the opening Mercury Ascending but it soon gives way to some more intense slide blues yet retains that classy songwriting accessibility with some soulful passion.

And so the musical journey begins and continues through the bright and sprightly title track. He could hardly be accused of “treading water” as he declares, before providing the contrast of the reflective piano ballad Whisper To The Wise. The latter an example of where the subtle deployment of additional voices shows off the arrangement skills. The thought occurs that if this were Coldplay (and yes there is a Fix You organ moment), we’d be either waving our lighters in the air with tears in our eyes or mocking poor old Chris martin. In the hands of Dom Brown, it works.

He gets all cool and improv style on Where You Gonna Run To, despite it being a lonesome and introspective tale, but the brightness returns on Leap Of Faith. Gently picked notes ring alongside a ‘who knows what the future holds’ theme. We hear him singing of having “the weight of the world off our shoulders” in a song where the glass is half full and thoughts are geared towards optimism. Indeed, why (exactly), was it such a struggle when we were young?

And could I imagine Baby Don’t Worry being sung by Richard Hawley or Nick Cave? It’s a lush and string smooth piece, yet with a hint of minor-key darkness. And on the subject of being lulled, that’s just what Let It Wash Away does exactly that at the tail end of the record. Equalling all that’s gone before with an emphasis on clever playing and a unfussy delivery from an unassuming and underrated songwriter.

An album of songs for all seasons – warm and sunny ones – and an antidote to any wave of negativity. Abandon any thoughts of musical pretentiousness and simply enjoy.

Here’s Mercury Ascending from the album:

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Dom Brown online: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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