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Josienne Clarke has announced that her first self-released album is coming out on August 13th.

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A Small Unknowable Thing, out on her own Corduroy Punk label, promises to be anything but what its title might suggest on the strength of the first track that she’s released from it.

Sit Out takes a sonic departure from what we heard on her previous solo album, In All Weather, with waspish, grungey guitars, feedback sax and unsettling, thumping drums. The vocals, though, are as sharply honed as ever. On this track, they carve incisively through all the things for which Josienne feels disdain – things that have been significant obstacles in her past.

As the lyrics convey, anyone incapable of contrition and compassion, as well as those who regard love as a power to be rationed are encouraged to move aside and keep their shoddy world view to themselves. Precisely where such curmudgeons choose to place themselves seems immaterial. Josienne seems intent on happily watching them walk on by and waving them off with some kind of universally recognised hand gesture.

The song comes with a video, created in collaboration with Alex Bowman-Clarke, where Josienne auditions a series of increasingly cringeworthy guitarists, before auditioning herself and awarding herself the gig. Quite right too.
Sit Out is a bold statement of where Josienne Clarke is going. More and more people are likely to opt in.

Here’s the video for Sit Out:

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