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Faceless Mirror – Mumma (What a Life): Single Review

We are privileged to receive  Mumma (What A Life) – the new single from Faceless Mirror following up their compelling debut album, Journey Home.

Release date:  Out Now 

Label: Redfan Records

Format:  Digital

It’s just under 12 months since we received  Faceless Mirror’s debut album. Journey Home was well received here at At The Barrier. In fact, it became my personal favourite of the year. Now we have a  preview of their new single  Mumma (What a Life); a track scheduled for their much awaited second album to be released later this year.

Written by the prolific Dave Cavanagh  we hear the very best of producer and guitarist Dean Macaw, whether it’s  his wailing, intricate solo or funky, fuzzy rhythm.  Dave’s mournful  lyrics resonate with those who seek relief from  the emotional roller- coaster of life . Despair from dying, lost love , missed opportunity and trying to find a positive way to survive  life’s misfortune. 

The home made video was recorded in their own locality. With a rampant bull, a water skiing Santa, chomping Koalas and stunning effects mixed with shots of the band recording it certainly makes for  interesting viewing.

As a sampler to the forthcoming album, the taste buds are salivating to hear the rest. We wait with anticipation for its release. Mumma what a song!!! Watch out for further singles which will be released later in the year.

Watch the video for Mumma (What A Life) below. Follow Faceless Mirror to keep tabs on when their next album is ready.

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