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Fuzzy Lights – Siren: New Single

Cambridge-based post-folk collective, Fuzzy Lights share the third single, Sirens, from their forthcoming album, Burials.

Release date:  streaming now on you tube (Album release Burials 2nd July)

Label: Meadows

Format: streaming

After  a long break Fuzzy Lights have re-emerged into the light with a stunning new sound.

With heavy music and light ethereal vocals, Fuzzy Lights have created a fresh and unique sound that is both raw but will appeal to folk-rock fans. About this electronic extravaganza lyricist, Rachel Watkins explains: This song deals with the divisions in our society that have been amplified over the last few years since the rise of the far-right in mainstream politics and in the media. It’s a dark love song that tries to figure out how can we live with one another when there is so much hate and resentment.”

In the light of  current  events  of cancelled musical events amid mass participation at sporting events fuelling this hate and resentment  it doesn’t take much to vent our anger through this pounding heartfelt music. 

The Burials album is due for release in early July my anticipation is growing to hear the rest of the album now that my Cropredy dream is over for another year, a venue where this band would be welcomed with open arms.

Watch out for our review of the Fuzzy Lights album in the next few days.

Fuzzy Lights online: Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp

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